Neps Piercey

Located in Minnesota, USA
Freelance Comic Artist, Illustrator, and Writer
Occasional 18+ content

About the Artist

Neps (Nepsilon) Piercey is a Neurodivergent Nonbinary Queer artist. They are currently attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Their work takes inspiration from myths and manga, implementing textures and bold lines across their pieces.To contact them, email Neps at [email protected]


Neps has experience in Illustration work and Concept art. They have dabbled in comic work and graphic design. Their work has spanned from 2015 to the present. They have done freelance editing and writing as well.

Commission Info

Neps does not currently have commissions open, but to take a spot for upcoming openings, please look over this Form to get an idea of pricing. (Pricing under construction)

Announcements for openings will be on their various social medias